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Is KidsPark a treat or a routine?  GOOD QUESTION!

One answer is, “It depends.” Many families use KidsPark as a reward for their children or an indulgence for themselves. Other families come specific times, like clockwork, so their kids stay in a schedule or so parents can attend recurring activities.

Personally, I think for kids and parents, KidsPark is both.


Developing a routine for kids is important so they feel secure in knowing what to expect. However, no one wants “boredom”, and that is a fine line. Coming to KidsPark is routine in the sense kids know the check-in process and the activity areas, but it is a treat to do something new. We rotate toys, introduce new games and have different themes each month.

For parents with fixed commitments, it’s nice to know you can routinely depend on KidsPark without the hassle of calling ahead to reserve a space. But, being open days, evenings and weekends also gives families versatility if anything in their schedule changes.


It is a treat to come at different times. Who doesn’t enjoy a night out? I do! You do! So do kids. Many parents may worry about disrupting a sleep schedule or the kids are not in their own bed. But, that is what makes it a treat for the kids – they get to do something different. Doesn’t everyone remember the times their parents let them stay up for a special occasion? How nice to be “treated” like to be a “big kid”! And Parents, don’t worry if the kids get tired at KidsPark, we offer them quiet time in the theater with stories and calming music. Kids comfortably snuggle down when it is late and parents carry them to the car.

So, when asked about KidsPark, how about saying – it is a treat to be enjoyed routinely!

Debbie Milner, CEO