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New To KidsPark?

Willow Grove License # 102594113-001

For Children Ages 1.5 through 12 Years Old

Still Fun Under the New Play Rules

We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us to care for your children. We have made the following updates as required by CDC and Childcare Licensing to help keep your children and our employees healthy and happy at this time.

New Health and Safety Measures
  • We have intensified cleaning and disinfection procedures throughout the day.
  • All staff and children will have a daily wellness screening and temperature check to enter. Temperature must be less than 100 degrees, there must be no sign of illness and no exposure within the past 14 days to anyone who has tested positive to Covid-19.
  • Children wash hands upon arrival, several times throughout the day and before leaving.
  • Respiratory etiquette is encouraged – cover your cough and sneezes.
  • Only 1 family at a time in the lobby. Please ring the door bell for entry.
  • Masks are required for all adults in KidsPark. Children will grouped together based on ratios and will be assigned a teacher each day.
  • Children are typically grouped together by ages such as Toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers.
  • Our center will be divided into separate sections for each group. Then by group we will rotate the children through each area with the same teacher. Before a new group moves to a new area, each space will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
Food, Drink and Personal Belongings Rules
  • No personal belonging, toys, blankets, lunchboxes or other items allowed in at this time.
  • Storage bags will be provided for any diapers and spare clothes.
  • All home meals must be in disposable bags – sack lunch style -or individually packaged from a restaurant.
  • Home meal must be ready-to-eat, and labeled. We can not heat or cool.
  • Individual water bottles with your child’s name labeled will be required. Individual water cups will be offered instead of use of the water fountain at this time. Our Water fountains will be turned off for now temporarily.
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Temporary Hours

Monday-Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

We plan to extend our hours to include later evenings and weekends soon.

Preschool Distance Learning

KidsPark teachers love to teach and truly miss the kids! Now, our mission is to help parents teach preschool at home. We have phenomenal resources to share.

Preschool To-Go


KidsPark teachers have missed our Preschool Friends.

  • Unique.Flexible.Convenient
  • Pick your days, Come on your own schedule
  • Pay only for the days you attend
  • No additional registration fees
  • Diapers Welcomed
  • Focuses for October


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