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What is a KidsPark Good Citizen?


At KidsPark, we are serious about good citizenship because we want all children in our care to have a safe and enjoyable time. 

Together, teachers, parents, and children help us create a welcoming KidsPark community and commit to promoting good citizenship within our centers.

You have a key role in supporting the development of citizenship within your child. After a year “on pause,” kids may need a reminder of what it means to be part of a larger community.  

In our centers, we practice daily the characteristics we see as an integral part of good citizenship. These are:


Self-discipline is the ability to make a plan and stick with it. It is the ability to resist doing things that can hurt others or ourselves. Practicing patience and dealing effectively with emotions, such as anger and envy.

What this skill looks like at KidsPark:

  •  Enters the center calmly and stays in the play area
  • Uses toys as they are intended
  • Keeps their hands to themselves


The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Get along with others, avoid and resolve conflicts, and help to create a positive environment.

What this skill looks like at KidsPark:

  • Follows teacher instructions and guidance
  • Good listener
  • Is friendly and uses kind words and actions

Good Judgement  

Sometimes we get into trouble because we “just didn’t think.” We let our emotions lead us to actions that we regret later. Making good judgments requires skills in monitoring impulses, using reasoning to sort through feelings and facts, and thinking about the consequences of our actions.

What this skill looks like at KidsPark:

  • No fighting
  • No bad language
  • Takes turns and shares
  • Use your words not your hands
  • Ask a teacher for help

Teaching kids to be good citizens starts at home.

Children learn about good citizenship from parents and other adults in their daily lives.

Parents can:

  • Set a good example through your behavior and actions
  • Set and communicate high standards and clear expectations
  • Coach kids on how to be responsible and kind 

At KidsPark, we strive for a safe, friendly, and respectful environment that everyone can enjoy.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.