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Welcome Center #20 - Folsom

Did we just have summer?  I think I blinked and it was gone.  You, too? Happens when you are busy!  This has been a busy summer for us – Center #20 was under construction. It opens in Folsom, CA, Monday, September 9 at 8am.

We’ve worked with Ladan and Ben to open their KidsPark center in Folsom. It is a beautiful center!  It is such a pleasure to see our new franchisees take ownership.  They’ve learned the center mechanics, hourly program, preschool curriculum and center management system.   We’ve nurtured their interests and taught them the know-how. Gosh – sounds like I am talking about kids growing-up!  It is true, each center we open is a part of the KidsPark family, sharing our mission of Happy kids. Happy Parents.

Our first center opened in 1988, my daughter was just turning three.  We had yellow cabinets, berber carpet and white walls. Our check-in program was MS-DOS; we used floppy discs and paper registration forms. People paid with cash or checks and family accounts were based on a home (landline) phone number!

Fast forward 2019, my daughter is in her thirties and, like her, KidsPark has grown a lot too. We have wood tone cabinets, fun carpet tiles, and bright colored walls.  Our check-in system is internet based. Accounts are name based (because, really, who has a landline). We accept cash and credit cards – no more checks!

The biggest change I’ve seen in San Jose is just how busy everyone is all the time which translates into more shared responsibilities in the home, more Dads checking-in and out, more non-traditional work schedules and more lunches purchased than brought from home.

What hasn’t changed?  At all San Jose centers:

  • Favorite equipment: Red carpeted slide on the Mountain of Energy.
  • Favorite Snack: Cheese Goldfish
  • Favorite Game: Freeze Dance
  • Favorite Craft: Spin Art
  • Favorite Toy: Little Tykes Giant Waffle Blocks
  • Biggest Kid Thrill: their first blue nametag to join the Blue Crew school-age area

Kids are kids.  Parents are parents.  If any of you parents were once KidsPark kids (as many of you are) these favorites may just bring back some fun memories or still be some of your favorites.  (You are never too old for cheese goldfish and a dance break!)

Our look may be different, but the need KidsPark fills has not changed.  We look forward to welcoming Folsom families!