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Sacramento License #343613141 and 343613142

For Children Ages 2 through 12 Years Old

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Music & Rockstar

Week of July 13

Circus Fun

Week of July 20

Summer Sun

Week of July 27

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Still Fun Under the New Play Rules

  • 10 children are grouped together.
  • Children are typically grouped by Preschool and School-agers. There are exceptions where we may group depending on interest level and/or keeping children from same family together.
  • We divide the center into separate areas for each group. By group, we will rotate the children through each area with the same teacher so everyone has a chance to do art, play on the mountain, and other activities.  Before a new group is moved into the area, we thoroughly clean the space.  So, if we have 2 groups, the center is divided into 3 areas and the area that is not occupied is cleaned.

As always, the children’s safety and well-being is our utmost priority.  We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us to care for your children.

  • Wellness checks and questionnaires are given to ALL families who enter, regardless if you were present the day before.
  • Temperatures are taken before teachers and children are allowed through the gate. A temp of 100.0 or higher will be excluded from the facility and will be unable to return for 72 hours after temp is gone without using fever reducing medication.
  • Hands are sanitized or washed upon arrival, before leaving, and several times throughout each visit.
  • Remind children to use “respiratory etiquette”.
  • One family in the lobby at a time.
  • Credit cards are preferred; please consider prepaying to allow for quicker check-outs. Ask about our 10% bonus on certain prepaid amounts.
  • Individual disposable water cups are offered. No sippy cups or personal water bottles allowed.
  • No personal toys, blankets, or pacifiers allowed at this time.
  • Home meals must be in disposable bags/packaging and clearly labeled. No home lunchboxes please.
  • Meals must be nut-free and ready-to-eat. No heating/refrigeration required.
  • First time at KidsPark? Consider registering at home.
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Hours Temporarily Reduced

We hope to return to our regular days, evenings, and weekends soon.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for up-to-date information.

Preschool Distance Learning

KidsPark teachers love to teach and truly miss the kids! Now, our mission is to help parents teach preschool at home. We have phenomenal resources to share.

Preschool To-Go

Preschool on a Temporary Break.

but that doesn’t mean learning needs to stop.

Check out our at-home lesson plans. Each activity is short and can be done with typical supplies you have at home. The key to preschool learning is:

  • repetition to introduce, practice and reinforce lessons
  • integration of multi-style approaches to appeal to the visual, auditory and sensory learner

Starting September

Focuses for September


A, B, C, D and Name


1, 2, 3, 4






5 Senses


Number Sense


Meet the Orchestra

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