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My Space

Everyone needs their own space.  It doesn’t need to be big or fancy, but must be designated as theirs.  Children and adults are bombarded by outside stimuli – people, tech, television and they need a reprieve – some down time.  Studies show kids need this down time to actually process, retain information and reach their full potential.


For kids, their space could be their bedroom, a corner in the living/family room, a window seat..  This area is their responsibility to maintain (let them!). It is their area to use to unwind, day-dream, create, do nothing.  What they do in this space is up to them and enjoy the surprises you might learn about what your kids when you give them the freedom to pick their own activities. To learn to relax and self-comfort is an important growth skill they will use their entire life.  It is also the start of developing mutual trust. You trust they can be alone for 5 -15 minutes (dependent on age) and they learn to trust themselves.

At KidsPark, by design, we create a few quiet areas where kids can pursue independent play and still be seen.  It is wonderful to see them focus and enjoy an activity of their own choice


You need your time, too!   If you’re one of the thousands of parents who  have been using the bathroom as your “me” space I think it’s safe to say you deserve an upgrade. Designate that special place for you at home. Maybe it is a specific chair – tell your kids, when I sit here, it is my time to recharge.  Save your questions and requests till I get up.  Take 15 minutes to read, listen to music, catnap, do a crossword – this is your me-time to relax.  No to-do lists! No guilt! This is a health requirement not a guilty pleasure. Just like for your kids, resting the brain lets it recharge to be more responsive and more able to handle problems/stresses.

KidsPark’s mission is to be of help to families.  We strive for Happy Kids. Happy Parents.

Hope we can be of help!