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Murfreesboro LIC0035234

Murfreesboro LIC0035234

For Ages 2 through 12 Years Old

Fall Break Festivities

When school is out, fun is in at KidsPark! Join us this Fall Break for drop-in day camps October 2-6.

Daily Themes

Each day of the week has a new theme, which includes crafts, games, and activities!

  • Monday: Board Game Bonanza
  • Tuesday: Pizza Party with FREE PIZZA for lunch and/or dinner
  • Wednesday: KidsPark Engineers
  • Thursday: Writers’ Day
  • Friday: Tennessee Pride Day – wear your favorite Tennessee team’s gear and get 10% off your visit!

How to use KidsPark

Activity areas throughout our center offer enrichment opportunities and chances to socialize for everyone ages 2-12!

💚 The Creation Station is where we get messy with science experiments, sensory play, and arts & crafts. You’ll find everything from coloring and painting to slime-making and baking soda volcanoes here!
💜 Our Mountain of Energy is where kids run, jump, climb, and slide. The structure can be a mountain, a castle, or a space ship. Imagination is the key!
🧡 The theater enhances language and listening skills. This area is used for storytimes, music, movies, games, and guest performers. Group times are offered at least 5 times a day incorporating music, dance, drama, and imagination.
💙 Blue Crew is a special school-age area that encourages interaction with peers. Older kids participate in more detailed art, age-appropriate games, non-violent video games, and can do homework or distance learning. During school vacations, special activities and camps are offered.
💛 Activity Area builds self-confidence and imagination. Kids individually or in groups play with a wide assortment of toys, pretend in the playhouse or investigate the book nook. Organized action games are offered hourly based on the interest, age, and energy level of the children present.

Check out this video for an overhead view of the center.

  • We are a shoe-less play center. Cover toes with socks! If you forget, socks are available for purchase.
  • Water bottles are encouraged, but not required.
  • We are a nut-free facility, so make sure any food from home is free of nuts and nut products.
  • Diapers if your child is not yet potty trained and a change of clothes if they are working on training.

School-aged kids can bring a device from home to use in the Blue Crew. We just ask they:

  • Respect the privacy of the other children and not take pictures or use FaceTime.
  • Assume total responsibility for their equipment in case it is lost or broken.
  • View only age-appropriate, acceptable content.

KidsPark is a well child center.  Please be sure your child is healthy and ready to play! To help keep kids healthy, toys and touch surfaces are cleaned throughout the day, and the center is cleaned and disinfected nightly.

Check out this video for more details on our cleaning procedures.

  • Lunch and dinner are catered by Jason’s Deli. Why? So we can ensure high-quality, healthy food for our kiddos and our teachers can focus on your kids, rather than food preparation. Because we order for each meal, orders need to be placed at 11am for lunch (we eat at noon) and by 5pm for dinner (we eat at 6pm). Not going to make it? Feel free to call ahead and we’ll get you on our list!
  • We have Lunchables as well as a variety of extra snacks and juice boxes for kiddos who don’t want Jason’s Deli.
  • Snack times are 10am, 3pm, and 8pm and are FREE!
  • In order to ensure mealtime safety and appropriate supervision while eating, we make every effort to stick to these meal and snack times. If you are dropping off outside these designated times, we will ask that your kiddos wait until the next meal or snack time to eat.
  • Our center is NUT FREE. We do not serve any foods with nuts or nut products, and ask that you do not send in any such products from home. We inspect home meals before serving them to make sure our kiddos with allergies are safe.
  • We have gluten-free and dairy-free meal and snack options available for kids with these allergies.

We want all the children in our care to experience a fun, safe time. Consequently, KidsPark is serious about good citizenship.  We have zero-tolerance for fighting, bad language, and bullies.

A good KidsPark Citizen:

  • Enters the center calmly and stays in the play area.
  • Keeps their hands to themselves.
  • Uses toys as they are intended.
  • Is friendly and uses kind words and actions.
  • Takes turns and shares.
  • Is respectful and a good listener.


Pumpkin Play 🎃

Sat. Oct. 14

Ooey-Gooey Sensory Play

No Tricks,Just Treats!

Sat. Oct. 28

Halloween Party. All day!

Dino Days 🦕

Sat., Nov. 11

Stomp, Chomp, and Roar! Dino Activities all day

Weekly Events

Something Fun All Day, Everyday!


9:00am to noon

Afternoon Adventures

3:00pm to 5:00pm

Parents' Night Out

5:00pm to close

Social Saturdays

All Day

View All Events

Preschool Enrichment at KidsPark

Flexible preschool with a modern twist! New students always welcomed – no additional enrollment or reservations required.

  • Structured STEAM-based curriculum Monday – Friday, 9:00am – Noon.
  • Create your own schedule; choose your days.
  • Pay only when you attend.
  • Care available before and after class.

Focuses for September


A, B, C, D and My Name


1, 2, 3, 4






5 Senses

Math Concepts

Number Sense


Meet the Orchestra

Big Kids = BIG FUN!

Looking for some help with child care for your school aged kids? KidsPark is here for school breaks, after school care, date nights, and weekends!

Our Blue Crew area has activities just for older kids with games and crafts for children up to 12 years old. Whether they’re making slime, crafting a new bracelet, or engineering with Snap Circuits, we always keep your kiddos engaged and having fun!

Tell me more!

Come any or everyday for after school enrichment. Weekdays we’re open until 8pm, which means later pick-up options for parents.

When school’s out, KidsPark is in! No need to stress in-service days, snow days, school conference or schedule SNAFUs!

Special activities are always planned for our Blue Crew-ers whenever school is closed. We offer structured activities (crafts, group games, science experiments, etc.) as well as free play throughout the day.