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Is Your Child Ready?

KidsPark is a licensed, group play environment and Preschool. Accordingly, we must follow State Childcare Regulations.

For all children to have a fun and safe experience, children must be able to:

  • play and stay in a group of children (we are unable to provide 1 child:1 teacher care)
  • respect other children’s personal spaces
  • keep their hands to themselves
  • use toys appropriately for play (not endanger themselves or others)
  • listen and be respectful to all children and teachers
  • be able to calmly enter the play area on their own

Children who are unable to commit to these behaviors are asked to be picked up immediately. They may be invited to try again:

  • at less busy times
  • at pre-arranged times
  • when children have matured

KidsPark and our dedicated teachers work hard to accommodate all families and children. We are sensitive to both the children’s and parents’ needs. We hope we can work together to provide the best environment for all children in the center.

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