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Catch a glimpse of the Creation Station and Theater.

How do the kids "KidsPark"?

KidsPark is an invitation for fun – there’s always something going on.  Play components are selected to promote cooperation, socialization, listening skills, and motor development. Each month there are featured activities that include cooking, arts and crafts, sensory exploration, or hands-on science.

Every center has these play areas:

  1. Creation Station promotes fine motor development and sensory exploration. Throughout the day, kids participate in art, cooking, and hands-on science.
  2. Activity Area builds self-confidence and imagination. Kids individually or in groups play with a wide assortment of toys, pretend in the playhouse or investigate the book nook.  Organized action games are offered hourly based on the interest, age, and energy level of the children present.
  3. Mountain of Energy bolsters coordination and cooperation. Kids run, jump, climb, and slide. The structure can be a mountain, a castle, or a space ship. Imagination is the key.
  4. The theater enhances language and listening skills. This area is used for storytimes, music, movies, games, and guest performers.  Group times are offered at least 5 times a day incorporating music, dance, drama, and imagination.
  5. Blue Crew is a special school-age area that encourages interaction with peers. Older kids participate in more detailed art, age-appropriate games, non-violent video games, and can do homework or distance learning. During school vacations, special activities and camps are offered.

If you stood in the middle of a KidsPark center, you would be able to see all these areas.  Why does KidsPark have an open floorplan? For the most important reason:  Safety.

Our open, “no walls” floor plan allows continuous teacher observation and gives children freedom of movement to choose the activity area that most interests them. Without walls blocking visibility, parents can always see the exciting activities their children are engaged in at KidsPark. This ensures a safe and secure environment.