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First Day of Preschool Checklist

Helpful Hints For The Perfect First Day

1. Parents and Caregivers Be Prepared 

If you are not registered yet, complete the form online or bring the paper version to the center. This makes the first day of school run smoothly.
Be emotionally ready and plan a quick (but satisfying) goodbye. This is a happy day for your little one even if it may feel bittersweet to you. Go run errands or meet a friend for a few hours. Then, when you pick up be ready to ooh and ahh at your child’s first day accomplishments.

2. Try a Visit to KidsPark Before The First Day of Preschool 

If this is your child’s first experience at school, it helps to bring your kiddo to KidsPark before they start preschool with us to give them a chance to get familiar with our environment. We suggest a half an hour to an hour trial for their first visit.
Then, when the big day arrives to head to school, they feel prepared and ready to go!

3. Dress in Comfortable Clothes 

At KidsPark, we keep the kids moving.
We expect young children to fidget, so we give them plenty of opportunities to move. We utilize our entire center for class. They learn through exploration and hands-on activities. Have your child wear comfortable clothing they can safely play in. Also, have a pair of socks ready to bring. Better yet, keep socks in the car glove compartment.

4. Leave the Snacks at Home – We’ve Got it Covered

We all know voracious learners need fuel for their studies. That’s why KidsPark offers complimentary snacks every preschool session. It is a great time for kids to socialize, another important opportunity for growth. KidsPark is all about convenience, and including snacks as part of your child’s stay is just one more way we make KidsPark a no-brainer for parents.
Your child can also choose to stay for lunch served at our center for an additional fee.
Of course, parents are always welcome to send snacks and lunches from home for their kids as well.

Finally, mom and dad, don’t worry! Your child is ready and we can’t wait to have them in class!