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De-stress Gift Giving

Words like easy, simple and less stress are not associated with the holidays … EVER!  As parents, the demands of this time of year are daunting:

  • gift exchanges with friends
  • classroom parties, teacher gifts
  • holiday concerts
  • community events
  • cookie exchanges

And the list goes on.  Now sprinkle in work, out of town guests, family and home life responsibilities –   whew!

Taking the time to focus on your child’s wish list can be additional stress.  Reduce some of the cost and stress with this rule of thumb.   Gift giving should include:

  • Want
  • Need
  • Wear
  • Read


Consider one favorite item, a must have, or can’t live without it gift for this category. We all love the idea of a wish list – dream the big dream. With all the latest and greatest electronics, styles, gadgets and galore, it’s hard to ignore the “wants”. But, encourage varied items on the wish or (want) list to ease the financial burden and stress of failing to deliver.


Maybe replenish a mid-year school supply or  athletic gear.

  • colorful writing tools add pizazz to homework any day
  • fun, colorful bins, white boards or lamp to organizing desks or homework spaces
  • a bright tote or lunch bag finishes at the top of the list for school essentials
  • a new pair of cleats, ballet shoes, or music book


Wearable gifts rock from head to toe!

  • Head gear: cool new hat or beanie
  • Foot patrol: crazy socks or silly mismatched socks, stylish boots
  • Most kids can’t live without their favorite animal or superhero t-shirt, or festive sweater.
  • Who doesn’t love a new pair of jammies? I know who;  the kiddos!


The gift that keeps on giving.

  • a magazine subscription
  • e-books
  • new picture books
  • the latest fictional series soon-to-be-motion-picture-movie-blockbuster-franchise

As gifts are unwrapped, I think you’ll have tears of joy, not cries of disappointment. Turn gift-giving into a win-win and de-stress the holidays, or any gifting occasion, with a fun twist and new rule of thumb. Happy kids. Happy parents. Happy gift-giving.