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New To KidsPark?

Chico License #045406197 and 045406198

For Children Ages 2 to 12 Years Old

Preschool Starts Monday, 8/24

Traditional Preschool with a modern twist.

We prepare the children for entry into Kindergarten! We cover all the traditional subjects and have added The Arts, Science and math concepts. Our unique, modern twist is YOU pick your schedule! Weekdays, 9:00am - 11:30am.

Extended care is available. Come one day or 5-days a week. Pay only when you attend. No additional registration fees.

While Preschool is on recess, we want to share our phenomenal resources with you.

Preschool To-Go

Upcoming Events

Carnival Day

Sat. October 3

All Day

It's a Jungle in Here

Sat. October 10

All Day

Spooky Saturday

Sat. October 24

All Day

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Still Fun Under New Play Rules

There is plenty of room to play!

Children are typically grouped by Preschool and School-agers. There are exceptions where we may group on interest levels or try to keep children from the same family together. We make every effort to meet the needs of each individual family.

We divide the center into separate areas for each group. Then, by group, we rotate the children through each area with the same teacher so everyone has a chance to do art, play on the mountain, and other things. Before a new group is moved to the area we thoroughly clean the space.

As always, the children’s safety and well being is our utmost priority. We appreciate the trust you’ve put in us to care for your children.
Upon entry, all children have a temperature and wellness check. Individual water cups are offered instead of the drinking fountain. Children’s hands are either washed or sanitized upon arrival, before leaving, and several times throughout each visit. Children are reminded to use “respiratory etiquette.”