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Lessons Learned – WFH

Working from home (WFH) may sound easy, but it has its challenges.  WFH is status-quo for most small business owners and all KidsPark franchisees do it from day one; so did I when I started KidsPark over 30 years ago.  What else did we have in common? We all had small kids and we all […]

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My Space

Everyone needs their own space.  It doesn’t need to be big or fancy, but must be designated as theirs.  Children and adults are bombarded by outside stimuli – people, tech, television and they need a reprieve – some down time.  Studies show kids need this down time to actually process, retain information and reach their […]

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The 4th “R” in Learning

What happened to the 4th R – Responsibility? Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic are the basics along with STEM, STEAM and now STREAM. All important! Yet,  responsibility can’t be overlooked. School-agers are ready to take on a few chores or jobs so they can learn this life-long important skill in a safe space. Responsibility needs to […]

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Welcome Center #20 – Folsom

Did we just have summer?  I think I blinked and it was gone.  You, too? Happens when you are busy!  This has been a busy summer for us – Center #20 was under construction. It opens in Folsom, CA, Monday, September 9 at 8am. We’ve worked with Ladan and Ben to open their KidsPark center […]

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Preschool: Benefits Beyond Academics

Preschool is important for non-academic and academic reasons. Unfortunately, the non-academic reasons are too often overlooked. When I think about the start of the school year in September (what can I say, August still doesn’t feel right), I think: Social Skills Empathy Poise Transition  “Soft” skills are indispensable and benefit you throughout life. At KidsPark, we are strong […]

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