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REACH Out to Children

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO Who doesn’t need a good cry sometimes? If a person cries, it is an expression of: pain fear anger sadness Same with children. It may be even more important for young children who have not developed many verbal skills yet. What to do? At KidsPark, the first question is always […]

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What do you want?

Debra Milner, Founder and CEOQuestion: If you got 30 women of varying ages, professions and locations together and ask them what they needed to make their lives better, what do you think their response would be? Answer:  Childcare Surprised? I was. I attended a meeting last month and was surprised to hear the stories of […]

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De-stress Gift Giving

Leslie Gamez, VP of Franchising Words like easy, simple and less stress are not associated with the holidays … EVER!  As parents, the demands of this time of year are daunting: gift exchanges with friends classroom parties, teacher gifts holiday concerts community events cookie exchanges And the list goes on.  Now sprinkle in work, out […]

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A musing.

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO I bet about this time of year you are tired of hearing “I want …” from your kids. When my daughter was young, I got really tired of it, especially when it referred to clothes. I like clothes, too, and am willing to indulge my inner diva. So, I understand […]

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Become a KidsPark Franchisee

Leslie Gamez, VP of Franchising Is KidsPark right for me? Do you desire a strong work life balance? Do you have the passion to build a business you would use? Do you want to provide a needed service to your community? Do you want to have fun while working? If you answered  yes,  you are our […]

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