KidsPark Notes

A musing.

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO I bet about this time of year you are tired of hearing “I want …” from your kids. When my daughter was young, I got really tired of it, especially when it referred to clothes. I like clothes, too, and am willing to indulge my inner diva. So, I understand […]

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Become a KidsPark Franchisee

Leslie Gamez, VP of Franchising Is KidsPark right for me? Do you desire a strong work life balance? Do you have the passion to build a business you would use? Do you want to provide a needed service to your community? Do you want to have fun while working? If you answered  yes,  you are our […]

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Debra Milner, Founder and CEO Is KidsPark a treat or a routine? Good question. One answer is, “It depends.” Many families use KidsPark as a reward for their children or an indulgence for themselves. Other families come specific times, like clockwork, so their kids stay in a schedule or so parents can attend recurring activities. Personally, […]

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Create Your Own Play-Scape

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO   Or, should I say play escape! Only in the 20th century has play been so strongly associated with a toy rather than an activity. But, play does not need to center around the newest, most expensive gadget. Play doesn’t have to cost a lot. KidsPark “is play without batteries”, […]

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How did KidsPark begin?

Debbie Milner, Founder and CEO In 1988, KidsPark was the original “disrupter” in traditional childcare in California.  I introduced licensed, hourly-care. Why?   Quite simply, because I needed it.  An advisor told me to find the service or product that was missing from my life. I needed childcare on demand, without reservations, when you need it […]

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