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Welcome Center #20 – Folsom

Did we just have summer?  I think I blinked and it was gone.  You, too? Happens when you are busy!  This has been a busy summer for us – Center #20 was under construction. It opens in Folsom, CA, Monday, September 9 at 8am. We’ve worked with Ladan and Ben to open their KidsPark center […]

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Preschool: Benefits Beyond Academics

Preschool is important for non-academic and academic reasons. Unfortunately, the non-academic reasons are too often overlooked. When I think about the start of the school year in September (what can I say, August still doesn’t feel right), I think: Social Skills Empathy Poise Transition  “Soft” skills are indispensable and benefit you throughout life. At KidsPark, we are strong […]

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Spring Fling

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO The calendar says it is Spring but, in most of the country, it hasn’t felt like it. It has been cold, wet and dreary… and not necessarily in that order. I can’t seem to get going. I notice kids feeling the “drag”, too. It happens. They want to be less […]

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Add an E to ECE

Quality Early Childhood Education focuses on how children learn and develop through curriculum. At KidsPark, we add an E for environment, Early Childhood Education and Environment. By design, KidsPark looks different from the traditional preschool or childcare center. Why? We believe our environments set the stage for playful learning, successful outcomes and most importantly fun! […]

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REACH Out to Children

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO Who doesn’t need a good cry sometimes? If a person cries, it is an expression of: pain fear anger sadness Same with children. It may be even more important for young children who have not developed many verbal skills yet. What to do? At KidsPark, the first question is always […]

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