KidsPark Preschool

 We are unique!  Just like your child.

Our goal is to prepare your child for Kindergarten and a life-long love of learning while we offer support and flexibility to parents.


  • Active Hands-on Learning Style
  • Personalized, Flexible Scheduling
  • Curriculum Diversity
  • Parent-Teacher Communication

Boy playing

Shaving cream play is sensory, Science, and art activity: Plus it just smells good!

Back in the early 2000’s, teachers noted our morning attendance was primarily children ages 3-5 years old. Their thought was to make the most of this time – offer preschool activities. From that observation began the Buddy Preschool and our guiding concept of “Preschool-for-All”. At first, we purchased a program that we augmented with our own lesson plans. Over the years, we have developed an entire KidsPark curriculum that includes:

  1. Knowledge Base (letters, numbers, colors, shapes)
  2. Daily Life Skills (time, calendar, weather, personal care)
  3. Science (color mixing, movement/reaction, bugs, solar system, ocean and animal life)
  4. Math Concepts (sorting, quantity, patterns, graphing, measurement)
  5. The Arts (art, music, drama, literature, cooking)
  6. Online supplemental resources for home use with a Preschool Hotline for questions

The secret to our preschool is our lessons are repeated throughout the week in new ways to engage all learners (visual, auditory, and sensory learner). This method is ideal for children on different schedules. Each child is exposed to the same material multiple times to aide retention and to give many opportunities to practice new concepts.

As advocates for both children and parents, it is important to offer a personalized schedule to enable children to start or add more classes when they are ready, instead of on a preconceived school schedule.   Parents pick their schedule weekly and pay-as-they-go, pay only when they attend, to eliminate the need to pay when on vacation or their child is unable to attend.  For families who want to commit to a schedule, some centers do offer a set schedule and tuition plan.

In summary:

Program benefits – happy kids.
Lesson plans are geared to all learning styles.
Each week’s lesson plan is presented in many different ways, utilizing many different media. In this way, it stays fresh for every child, meets all children’s learning styles, and reinforces previously learned concepts. This method is ideal whether a child comes once a week or 5 times a week. Each child is exposed to the same material.

Flexible schedule, low-pressure commitment.
You can adjust your attendance to meet your child’s needs. Create your own schedule; choose your days. Pay as you go. You don’t pay when you are on vacation or your child is ill. Maybe you want to start one day a week until your child is ready for more. Because children learn best through repetition, we encourage you to create a consistent schedule for your child allowing them many opportunities to participate in our program.

We keep the kids moving.
We expect young children to fidget, so we give them plenty of opportunities to move. Learning takes place by exploring, moving, and doing! We present lessons in all our center activity areas and not always sitting down.

We provide a foundation.
Our Knowledge Base domain focuses on letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Before children can become successful in reading and writing, a foundation must be established. Our program develops the skills needed to encourage a life long interest in reading and writing.

We like to answer “Why?”
Through our World Awareness units, children learn about the role of community helpers, recognizing weather patterns and appreciating different cultures.

We foster independence and teamwork.
Our Daily Life Skills build each child’s ability to interact with their environment. Our program teaches tracking time by clock and calendar, contributing to the household and relating to others in a team environment. Social development in young children is essential to success throughout their school years.

We encourage creativity.
We incorporate open play into our curriculum to give children the additional time to pretend, explore, make friends, be social, and pursue interests independently. And, we love messes. Let the kids paint, glue, glitter, cut, mix, and enjoy the process of making things in many art media and cooking recipes.

We keep you informed.
Ask children what they did today, they might say “nothing”. We fill in the gaps. By posting daily activities, writing newsletters and sending emails, we keep you informed on what activities were offered, the learning goals, and how your child did.