KidsPark Notes

How do the kids “KidsPark”?

  KidsPark is an invitation for fun – there’s always something going on.  Play components are selected to promote cooperation, socialization, listening skills, and motor development. Each month there are featured activities that include cooking, arts and crafts, sensory exploration, or hands-on science. Every center has these play areas: Creation Station promotes fine motor development […]

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Help Kids Adapt to Change

Debra Milner, Founder and CEO Like the weather, one thing you can always count on is Change. As parents, one of the most important skills we can help a child develop is their ability to adjust to change; transition to new activities, new places, new people. Everyone copes differently so it is important to recognize […]

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Lessons Learned – WFH

Working from home (WFH) may sound easy, but it has its challenges.  WFH is status-quo for most small business owners and all KidsPark franchisees do it from day one; so did I when I started KidsPark over 30 years ago.  What else did we have in common? We all had small kids and we all […]

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My Space

Everyone needs their own space.  It doesn’t need to be big or fancy, but must be designated as theirs.  Children and adults are bombarded by outside stimuli – people, tech, television and they need a reprieve – some down time.  Studies show kids need this down time to actually process, retain information and reach their […]

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The 4th “R” in Learning

What happened to the 4th R – Responsibility? Reading, writing and ‘rithmatic are the basics along with STEM, STEAM and now STREAM. All important! Yet,  responsibility can’t be overlooked. School-agers are ready to take on a few chores or jobs so they can learn this life-long important skill in a safe space. Responsibility needs to […]

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