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Add an E to ECE

Quality Early Childhood Education focuses on how children learn and develop through curriculum. At KidsPark, we add an E for environment, Early Childhood Education and Environment. By design, KidsPark looks different from the traditional preschool or childcare center.


We believe our environments set the stage for playful learning, successful outcomes and most importantly fun! We see the positive results daily in our Preschool Education, Hourly Play and School Age environments.


    KidsPark’s hourly program and preschool classes provide parents the flexibility to introduce a high quality early learning environment to their child on their own schedule.


    Our trained, professional teacher’s have the child’s best interest at heart. We consciously set up the program to encourage interaction with materials and one another. We “coach” and “model” appropriate interaction.


    Children succeed when they are interested learners. That’s easy – our environment allows flexibility within the schedule, daily routine and curriculum offered to meet the social, emotional, physical and mental development of the child.


    Our centers allow for peer to peer problem solving, turn taking and opportunities for children to navigate their own play and rules. Patience is learned and shared daily.


    Our team teaching approach allows interaction from different personalities, styles of teaching and experiences. Most importantly we share our expertise to create enthusiasm and develop the child’s love of learning.


    Our program, center layout and schedule of activities cultivates a culture of teamwork. Group games, cooperative clean up, small group activities and team teaching are present daily.


    It’s simple – children have the autonomy to choose at KidsPark! We set the stage, create interest areas, offer engaging activities and allow children to choose their play based on interest.

We create a new day of discovery and learning for every child whether they visit hourly, daily or more frequently.  ECEE may “sound easy”, but it takes work, experimentation and training.  When we say “we play all day, every day” we mean business!


For more details on the key benefits to ECE, read this article by Vicki Palmer, a career early childhood educator and founder of TicTacTeach.com.