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Murfreesboro Lic # FV4977A

Murfreesboro Lic # FV4977A

For Ages 2 through 12 Years Old


Music Day

Wednesday, August 17

Make some magical music all day

Tie Dye Creations

Saturday, Aug. 20

All Day. Colorful creations and loads of fun.

Craft Stick Creations

Saturday, Sept. 3

All Day. Come join the fun!

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How to Use KidsPark

Here when you need us for up to 20 hours per week. We have you covered with hourly care, back-up care, preschool curriculum, and school-age programs.

Open days, evenings, and weekends! Come for a weekly total of 20 hours. Use us for appointments, work, school closures, date nights, and all the bothersome must-do-errands.


Traditional Preschool with a Modern Twist

New students always welcomed – no additional enrollment or reservations required.

  • Structured curriculum Monday – Friday, 9:00am – Noon.
  • Create your own schedule; choose your days.
  • Pay only when you attend.
  • Care available before and after class.

Focuses for August


A, B, C, D and My Name


1, 2, 3, 4






5 Senses

Math Concepts

Number Sense


Meet the Orchestra

Happy kids. HEALTHY KIDS. Happy parents.

KidsPark is a well child center. Kids should visit when they have:

  • a clear nose.
  • no cough.
  • no fever for 24 hours.
  • no upset stomach.

Please make sure your kids are healthy and ready to play before coming to KidsPark! Children showing signs of illness will be separated from other kids and sent home.

To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, toys are cleaned throughout the day as they are used, and our center is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each night at closing.

Technology Policies

Are your school-aged kids planning on bringing a device from home to work on in the Blue Crew? No problem! We just ask that you follow our technology policies:

  • Devices have to stay in the Blue Crew area. We don’t want our little ones getting their hands on tablets or laptops.
  • Content must be appropriate. Our staff will closely monitor screen time, content, and activities on devices.
  • We’re happy to help with school work! Just mention at check-in if we need to be sure to have one of our staff help out.
  • Aside from school work, we limit screen time. We want kids engaging throughout the center during their stay.
  • No FaceTiming is allowed. We have lots of other kiddos in the center, and we don’t want others to unexpectedly end up in videos.
  • If kiddos aren’t following our rules, we may ask them to put their devices in their cubby until pick up.

Share Us

Be a hero.  Tell your friends about KidsPark.  They’ll thank you… and so do we!  Each friend gets a free hour.

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Partnerships Welcomed!

We want to be a part of the community!  If you work with an agency or are a company that wants to offer childcare benefits or subsidies, please contact us.