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Childcare Done Differently

Is this you? Last-minute meetings, late-night shifts, irregular schedule, and/or WFH is the new norm. Childcare is a balance between meeting kids’ needs and accommodating parents’ professional and financial circumstances. KidsPark is in a unique position to help, unlike traditional centers that can’t guarantee children a spot on a part-time or on-call basis. 

That’s why KidsPark was created and continues to thrive today. We strive to fill in the gap so that parents who have non-traditional hours can have the same access to high-quality childcare as those who work full-time, traditional schedules.  

Here are a few ways our parents say the KidsPark model solved their constant schedule struggle, economic strain and emotional stress.  They found the flexibility and quality they sought.  

“We cannot say enough about how wonderful KidsPark is. The staff go above and beyond with our son encouraging his interests and helping him navigate his first friend groups and interactions. Having a place we could take our son and feel comfortable leaving him made the stress of the year far less. I would recommend KidsPark care to any parent, whether it’s for preschool, daycare, or just time to yourself.” 

Anne, Mom of 1 Essential Worker

“As a retail worker, this place has saved me on the weekends! My kids love it, it doesn’t break the bank, and the staff is the absolute best!!! We use them almost every weekend, and both of my kids have started asking to go to KidsPark instead of school.” 

Megan, Mom of 2 Retail Worker

 “I couldn’t have finished my master’s program without KidsPark! Great place to take your child when you need to study, write a paper, or take an evening class! Also great for a spa day. Just drop your child off to a safe place and get some adulting done!” 

Taneika, Mom of 1 Student

At KidsPark, we understand the childcare conundrum many parents face when they try to find care that is affordable, flexible and high-quality. We commit to providing safe centers where your kiddos can have fun and enjoy enrichment with friends while you focus on your to-dos.

Let KidsPark help.