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Childcare Done Differently


Woodlands, TX center to open mid-May 2021. Get announcements!

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Welcome to KidsPark

COVID Safety Measures

At KidsPark, the health and well-being of your child is our top priority. As a family environment where kids of many ages play, KidsPark remains committed to high cleanliness standards within each center during these unprecedented times.


We are here to support your childcare needs as well as any concerns you may have about Covid-19. Here are just a few ways we keep our space safe for kids and their families:

  • We follow CDC guidelines
  • We increase cleaning and disinfection efforts
  • We implement health screening protocol at check-in
  • We apply social distance strategies
  • We work with smaller class sizes 

For more detailed coverage of what you can expect, see our COVID Resources page.

School Age Care

Welcome to the Blue Crew – KidsPark specially designed area and programs for kids 6 and up! We recognize how important it is to treat older kids a bit different than our younger members. Given the current climate, KidsPark has added additional programs to support the many challenges and changes our school kids and their families face. 


Distance Learning Assistance 

Plug and Play is a distance learning solution for kids (and parents) who need additional support throughout the school day. Come for a few hours or the whole day!

How to Get Started: 

  • Register at your local center
  • Kids bring their electronic devices and charger to our virtual learning classroom
  • Attend class, get homework assistance, 
  • then enjoy KidsPark enrichment activities and fun play space

Before and After School Care

Our centers offer a safe place for all kids to socialize, play, and participate in various activities. Get rid of parental guilt and bring them to KidsPark for before and after school care. 

Childcare When You Need It

KidsPark unique childcare solution is convenience at its best. Here when you need us, for an hour or the full day. Unlike traditional childcare, we offer a safe and fun space to play, no reservations required! Open days, evenings, and weekends. Pay only for the time used. Full-day care offered. Corporate and subsidy partnerships welcome. 


We encourage parents and children to take a tour of our center and meet our staff. This eases the transition on your first visit, especially for very young children. If your child seems overwhelmed with the activity, we suggest you allow them to observe before they join in. When they are ready, teachers will direct them into an appropriate activity.

We offer an organized program with planned tiers of activity for each age group – preschool and school-age.

Here’s how: 

  • There is a mix of teacher-organized and child-initiated activities in both group and individual settings 
  • Play components are selected to promote cooperation, socialization, listening skills, and motor development
  • It is a family environment where siblings can be together in non-gross motor activities 

Read more about our center design. 

A Preschool To Love

Our preschool is what modern families need and want—flexibility and convenience for you, enrichment and socialization for your child. Pick your own schedule. Only pay for the days you attend. New students always welcomed. 


KidsPark offers a balanced approach to early education. Our STEAM enriched curriculum is coupled with active, hands-on learning and frequent parent-teacher communication. This is how we make sure our smallest learners enjoy a safe and fun space to be their spirited selves!

Our curriculum focuses on Kindergarten preparedness:

  • Knowledge Base (letters, numbers, colors, shapes) 
  • Daily Life Skills (time, calendar, weather, personal care) 
  • Science (color mixing, movement, reaction, bugs, solar system, ocean life)
  • Math Concepts (sorting, quantity, patterns, graphing, measurement) 
  • The Arts (art projects, music, drama, literature, cooking)

Interested to learn more?  Contact your local center or read more details here

Party at KidsPark!

Happy parents. Happy kids. Very happy parties. Your KidsPark party hostess plans the event and conducts activities, so you can enjoy the event with your family and friends.


On Sundays, when KidsPark is closed to the public, we offer private parties for children 2-12-years old.

Our private parties include: 

  • Face painting 
  • An art project of your choice 
  • Group games
  • Party favors
  • Gift for the birthday kid
  • Complimentary paper plates, forks, napkins, and juice

For additional details such as pricing and how to reserve the date for your special event, check with your local KidsPark center. 

A few of our AMAZING teachers!

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Kids aren’t the only ones who love us!

KidsPark staff are energetic, creative people who want to interact with children and present fun activities.

Certified experts.

  • First Aid and CPR certified.
  • Screened by the Department of Justice
  • Trained in Early Childhood Education and Recreation
  • Required to attend staff development and skill-building workshops

KidsPark exceeds state licensing requirements by providing, on average, a lower teacher-child ratio. In addition, there are always 2 or more teachers on-site at all times.