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A Family's Best Friend


New center in Fleming Island, FL. More happy parents and kids!

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Safe and Convenient

Use us on your schedule - just drop-by. Pay only for the time used. Our centers are licensed. And, our open, "no walls" floor plan allows for continuous teacher and parent observation. Ahh . . .peace-of-mind.

What to Expect

We encourage parents and children to take a tour of our center and meet our staff. This eases the transition on your first visit, especially for very young children. If your child seems overwhelmed with the activity, we suggest you allow them to observe before they join in. When they are ready, teachers will direct them into an appropriate activity.


For more detailed coverage of what you can expect, see our FAQs on the side of the page.


  • Socks are to be worn in the play area.
  • Diapers are welcomed. If your child is in diapers, bring a spare.
  • If your child is toilet training, bring extra clothes as a backup . . .  we do remind them!
  • Label all items and meals from home.
  • Complimentary snacks of crackers with 100% apple juice served at 10am, 3pm and 8pm.
  • Naps are not scheduled since children arrive at various times. If a child is tired, they are encouraged to rest in our theater area.
  • Let your children use our toys. Check with your local center for their policy on electronic games, music devices, and cell phones.  Computers and tablets for distance learning are allowed.
  • Our fees are calculated to the minute. Our minimum charge is for 30 minutes. Payment for your visit is due upon checkout. We accept cash and credit cards. If payment is not made at time of pickup, an Open Invoice fee is added.

Childcare by the Hour

Need a few hours here and there. Days, evenings and weekends keep appointments, attend meetings, run errands, shop, play sports, relax, see a movie, eat out… know your children are safe and having fun.

Why We're Special

Take me to KidsPark!

High energy. Something for everyone. Caring. Enriching. And, some might say, “it’s a zoo!”  We smile, and say, “it’s great to see the kids having fun”!

You may see some kids in the midst of movement games, some on the mountain-of-energy, some in the creative process at the art tables, some at work on a lego or waffle block structure and some in conversation with friends.

We see an organized program with planned tiers of activity for each age group – preschool and school-age.

  • There is a mix of teacher-organized and child-initiated activities in both group and individual settings.
  • Play components are selected to promote cooperation, socialization, listening skills, and motor development.
  • It is a family environment where siblings can be together in non-gross motor activities.

Read more about our center design.

The benefit of mixed ages.

KidsPark is a family environment where kids of many ages play. It is great to have the option to have siblings play together, especially if the little one needs some reassurance on their first visit. School-agers also have the option to be in the Blue Crew, an area only for school-agers where they can socialize and play with age-appropriate games and do more detailed art projects.

Many of our Blue Crew kids (school-agers) have grown up with KidsPark; they know the routines and have a positive influence in the center as leaders and role models for younger children. And, they shine with pride and self-confidence when they know they have helped another child.

No one has to worry about small toes being stepped on – we separate school-age and preschool children for gross motor games and times on the Mountain of Energy, our indoor play structure.

Read more about our environment.

Back-up Care Solution

Full-day care whenever school or your primary provider is closed or you have an all-day commitment. KidsPark to the rescue. Register so you are ready for schedule glitches or emergencies.

Here when you need help

Life happens. Sometimes there are schedule glitches, extra-long events, school and daycare breaks and in-service days, family emergencies, . . . .  What to do? Let us help!

KidsPark can be your back-up care provider for full-days.  Check with your local center for details and special Day-Rates.  Check with your company’s HR department to see if back-up care is a benefit offered to you through a national work-life provider.

Preschool with a Modern Twist

We prepare children for entry into Kindergarten! Our traditional curriculum subjects are enhanced with STEAM. Uniquely, you pick your schedule and can change it at any time. Only pay for the days you attend. We welcome new students all year.

How does it work

Our Preschool is what modern families need and want. Flexibility without sacrificing quality. Parents pick their own schedule based on the needs of their child and the family’s schedule.  Only pay for the days you attend.  Change your schedule at any time. Our program is open to new students at any time.

The key to our program’s success is involving all children in attendance at their own developmental level. We engage children so they learn if they come once a week or 5 times a week. We use:
•    Active hands-on learning style
•    Flexible scheduling
•    Curriculum diversity
•    Parent-Teacher communication

Our traditional academic curriculum focuses on Kindergarten preparedness:
•    Knowledge Base (letters, numbers, colors, shapes)
•    Daily Life Skills (time, calendar, weather, personal care)
•    Science (color mixing, movement/reaction, bugs, solar system, ocean life)
•    Math Concepts (sorting, quantity, patterns, graphing, measurement)

Uniquely, each month a unit on The Arts (art, music, drama, literature, cooking) is included.  Parents are invited to attend their children’s performances, visit their art displays and enjoy the feasts they create.  We truly believe The Arts enrich one’s life – no matter what age.

As a supplement to in-class learning, KidsPark provides online lesson resources for home use.  If you have questions, call our email our Preschool Hotline to get individualized help from a Preschool Teacher. Together we prepare your child for a life-long love of learning.

Interested to learn more?  Contact your local center or read more details.

Party at KidsPark!

Happy parents. Happy kids. Very happy parties. On Sundays, when KidsPark is closed to the public, we offer private parties for children 2-12-years old. Your personal party hostess plans the event and conducts activities so you can enjoy the event with your family and friends.

Plan Your Party

Our private parties include:

  • A personal party hostess to plan, coordinate, and clean up.
  • Face Painting
  • An art project of your choice
  • Group games of your choice
  • Favors for each guest
  • A gift for the birthday child
  • Complimentary paper plates, forks, napkins, juice.
  • Meals by arrangement

Parties are Sunday mornings and evenings. Check with your local KidsPark center for times, additional details, prices and to reserve the date for your special event.

The host family must be registered at KidsPark.


Just a few of our Amazing Teachers!

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Kids aren’t the only ones who love us!

KidsPark staff are energetic, creative people who want to interact with children and present fun activities.

Certified experts.

  • First Aid and CPR certified.
  • Screened by the Department of Justice
  • Trained in Early Childhood Education and Recreation
  • Required to attend staff development and skill-building workshops

KidsPark exceeds state licensing requirements by providing, on average, a lower teacher-child ratio. In addition, there are always 2 or more teachers on-site at all times.