Blue Crew – kids can’t wait!

To become a school-ager is a big deal. We recognize this. So, we treat our school-agers (kids 6 and older) to an additional space called the Blue Crew, named for their blue name tags.  This is a special space like their room at home (maybe cleaner) where they can get away and just be or interact with peers. Here they participate in more detailed art, age appropriate games, non-violent video games and can do homework. We even supply homework help at no extra charge.   We provide age-appropriate electronic games – please leave personal electronics (games, music devices and cell phones) at home.

During school breaks we create Blue Crew Camps with special themes. Watch for announcements.  Kids can stay full-days when school is closed – check your local center’s back-up care program.

The benefit of mixed ages.

KidsPark is a family environment where kids of many ages play. Many of our Blue Crew kids have grown up with KidsPark; they know the routines and have a positive influence in the center as leaders and role models for younger children.  And, they shine with pride and self-confidence when they know they have helped another child.

No one has to worry about small toes being stepped on – we separate school-age and preschool children for gross motor games and times on the Mountain of Energy.

Even though school-agers want to act all grown-up, in truth, they still want to play games, do art, act silly and be with other kids. And they can at KidsPark, as part of the Blue Crew.